Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Mixed media on plastic sheet. Intaglio print 11' x 15'

Mixed media on cardboard. Intaglio print 11' x 15'

Dry point on foam board. Relief print 11' x 15'

The quarter is starting off really well. I've been pretty on top of
my school work, I mean look I already have three prints!
Yesterday was a total loss, ugh I dislike thinking about it. The
night before I had too much caffeine and couldn't rest fully. In
the morning I had breakfast with a gorgeous man but the rest of
the day dragged on. Could hardly keep my eyes open in class and
spent my time at home half awake. Today will be better, going to
be super productive and get all kindz of stuff done.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun with microns

Drew these little guys for some friends of mine. School is in full swing again and I must say I am actually enjoying it. Hopefully I'll have some prints up soonish.