Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Doubt, my usual downfall

The move to Portland is nearing closer and closer. Guess you could say that I'm nervous or apprehensive, but excited all the more. I had a dream last night that I gained about 30 pounds and had a big hump on my back. These feelings that I have are extra baggage, weighing me down.

I had this really awful feeling on Tuesday. Feelings of pain on my neck and shoulders and one sharp pain around my left hip. After I had a tough conversation that I had been avoiding all these pains went away, I felt lighter. Its amazing what the body can do. Now I have to have the conversation with myself. Get myself out of bed in the morning and outside, even though I think sleeping in is "luxurious" because I don't have any other obligations in the morning and I should "take advantage" of the extra sleep.

In the dream I had there was also a lot of swimming in pools. Its been on my mind. Its summer and I really enjoy swimming. Art will be posted later, I've been meaning to put some up.