Wednesday, February 23, 2011

like children with spongy bones, rubber band muscles and perfect posture.

Got my foot behind my head today. Yay for small accomplishments! I credit the amazing massage I enjoyed earlier in the day. Still haven't figured out the technique to balancing compass pose, but in due time, in due time. I give it a week! haha.

Been spending a lot of time quietly contemplating my existence and sweating buckets. Its been good.

The trip to San Francisco is nearing, March 10th you will come too soon! I am super stoked. Can't wait to have four days with beautiful faces surrounding me and ever more gorgeous hearts. I may not come back!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I can safely say that I am now completely single, no attachments.

It feels good. It took about a week of silence on my part to realize just how I feel as a person, and I need to improve on finding happiness and contentment within myself and not someone else. Especially if I'm not completely satisfied with the person I'm seeing. I'll find that puzzle piece one day.